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Neil Smith (1954-2012)

Shortly before this issue went to press, we were desperately saddened to hear of the untimely death of Neil Smith. Neil will be known to many readers of this journal as a co-editor between 1993 and 2003, as a regular contributor, and as a long-term supporter of the combination of geography, social theory, and politics that sustains this journal’s work.

Neil held posts in his native Scotland and in the United States, most recently as Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and Geography at the Graduate Center, City University of New York. Neil was highly regarded for his truly original work in a number of fields, particularly in his wonderful books Uneven Development, The New Urban Frontier, American Empire and The Endgame of Globalization. He was known for his incisive analyses of contemporary events, many of which appeared in this journal as commentaries, as well as for his theoretically and historically informed work on the politics of space and place. He had a breadth of knowledge and range of interests that brought him into contact with many interlocutors. A regular book editor, he was known for his facilitating role in the discipline and beyond, as well as for his encouragement and support for scholars at all stages of their careers. He was a wonderful person as well as a brilliant scholar, warm and funny, incisive and generous. Neil was a critical geographer in all senses. He will be greatly missed.

The editors and staff

Open Access Pieces by Neil Smith

Neil Smith, 1987, “Of yuppies and housing: gentrification, social restructuring, and the urban dreamEnvironment and Planning D: Society and Space 5(2) 151 – 172

Neil Smith, 2000, “Global SeattleEnvironment and Planning D: Society and Space 18(1) 1 – 5

Neil Smith, 2001, “Scales of terror and the resort to geography: September 11, October 7Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 19(6) 631 – 637

Neil Smith, 2000, “What happened to class?Environment and Planning A 32(6) 1011 – 1032

Cindi Katz and Neil Smith, 2003, “An interview with Edward SaidEnvironment and Planning D: Society and Space 21(6) 635 – 651

Neil Smith, 2007, “Another revolution is possible: Foucault, ethics, and politicsEnvironment and Planning D: Society and Space 25(2) 191 – 193

Naomi Klein and Neil Smith, 2008, “The Shock Doctrine: a discussionEnvironment and Planning D: Society and Space 26(4) 582 – 595

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