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“Progreso destructivo: Marx, Engels y la ecología”: Michael Lowy

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¿En qué medida el pensamiento de Marx y Engels es compatible con la ecología moderna? ¿Puede concebirse una lectura ecológica de Marx? ¿Cuáles son las adquisiciones del marxismo indispensables para la constitución de un ecosocialismo a la altura de los desafíos del siglo de XXI?

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“Differences in Surplus-value Rates between Developed and Underdeveloped Countries”: B. Gloria Martínez González y Alejandro Valle Baeza

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Previous findings by Martínez have raised an important question, which this work contributes to solve: if over time a positive correspondence between productivity and surplus-value rate can be observed ¿why then do underdeveloped countries show higher surplus-value rates than developed countries? Based on econometric analysis, cluster analysis and fixed effect panel analysis evidence is supporting that groups of less productive countries have higher or at least not lower surplus-value rates than those corresponding to more productive groups of countries. Nevertheless, it is also shown that over time or within the groups there is a correlation between productivity and surplus-value rate. A feasible explanation of such national differences of surplus-value rate is examined considering organic composition of capital. ¿How does importing means of production affect such a composition and hence surplus-value rate in underdeveloped countries? An account is examined based on value theory and such composition is estimated in the case that means of production are imported.

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“Capitalism at a Dead End: Job Destruction, Overproduction and Crisis in the High Tech Era (A Marxist View)”: Fred Goldstein

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American business is about maximizing shareholder value. You basically don’t want workers. You hire less, and you try to find capital equipment to replace them.

Allen Sinai, chief global economist at the U.S. research firm Decision Economics

The above quote, by a prestigious and often-cited capitalist economic analyst, brutally describes a constant underlying process of capitalism in general – not just in the U.S. but capitalism as an economic system. This is a process which has been in existence since the system began 500 years ago.The prominent bourgeois economic consultant to Wall Street, also a former Lehman Bank executive, is well known for his sharp characterizations of the economic crisis. He is the originator of the phrase “the mother of all jobless recoveries,” referring to the 2009-2010 so-called “recovery.” Sinai’s above comment, should he have followed out the thinking that flows from his remark, would have led him to the conclusion that capitalism has no future. Of course, that is an unthinkable thought for a capitalist expert, no matter how discerning he may be.
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“Valor y productividad en la teoría del valor-trabajo”: Maximiliano Nieto

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1. Introducción.

La TVT pretende mostrar cómo se regula el intercambio de los productos del trabajo individual en el sistema mercantil, o lo que es lo mismo, se propone explicar la mecánica del proceso de validación social de los trabajos particulares en una economía de productores independientes. Al hacerlo, descubriendo que no puede haber indeterminación o arbitrariedad en las relaciones de cambio, expone las leyes generales de la producción mercantil capitalista, de tal modo que la TVT constituye, en tanto que teoría de los precios relativos, una teoría general de la dinámica capitalista, que comprende una teoría de la acumulación y la rentabilidad, y una teoría de la distribución en condiciones capitalistas.

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