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«A Cultural-Historial View of Human Nature» Michael Cole and Karl Levitin

14/12/2012 Deja un comentario

105d84e4d01d7858a73c1a0d44bef6deFor more than 20 years the authors have been seeking to understand and extend an approach to human nature that takes as its starting point the mediation of human experience through culture as a way to supersede the long-standing dichotomy betwen «natura» and «nurture» which continues to bedevil the human sciences. A crucial point of intersection in our respective inquiries was the Soviet psychologist, Alexander Luria, one of the originators of cultural-historical psychology in what was the USSR. Although currently remembered largely for pioneering the discipline of neuropsychology, which might make it appear that culture was perhaps peripheral to his theory of brain fuctioning, Luria was steadfast in his insistence that «in order to explain the highly complex forms of human consciousness one must go beyond the human organism» to include the the «external conditions of life» particularly human beings’ life society (Luria 1981,25). In effect, Luria arged, the circuits of the brain are completed trough the culturally organized environment, a position perfectly in line which current neuroscientific thinking (Edelman 1992).

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