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Samir Amin: The organic intellectual

Taking as its point of departure this observation, itself a feature of 50 books by Samir Amin, the film depicts the audacious struggles of, as well as interviews with, addresses by and special moments involving this most outstanding intellectual of the South. In the film Samir Amin discusses the political economy of development, capitalism and imperialism, as well as the resistance of workers and peoples.

In addition, the film is structured around the testimonies of: Isabelle Eynard Amin, Francois Houtart, Isabelle del Almeida, Ibrahima Thioub, Isham el Makhood, Fatou Sow, Cherif Salif Sy, Bernard Founou,Eric Koebe, Floriant Rochat, Lau Kin Chi, Rémy Herrera, Yash Tandon, Taoufik ben Abdallah, Ebrima Sall, Gustave Massiah and Aziz Salmone Fall. Samir Amin is, moreover, shown in the company of Mamdouh Habashi, Issa Shivji, Firoze Manji, Krishna Murty Padmanabhan, Sandeep Chachra, Luciana Castellina, Tina Ebro, Pedro Paez, Shahida El Baz, Helmi Shaarawi, Tawhida Shaarawi, Mohamed Nour El Din, Salwa El Antari, Aziz S. Fall, Saad El Taweel, Mary El Taweel and Gabriele Habashi. This bilingual (English-French) cinematic homage is enhanced by some images from the film The Dispossessed by Mathieu Roy, and also by several other sequences from throughout the world illustrating poetically.

«In our era, when we consider the destructive (ecological and military) might at the disposal of the powers-that-be, the risk, denounced by Marx in his time, that war will end up destroying all the opposing camps, is real. On the other hand, there is a second path that demands the lucid and organized intervention of the internationalist front of workers and peoples.»

—Samir Amin

Fuente: Monthly Review Online

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