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«Women and feminism» – reading guide‘s reading guide on feminism, women and women’s struggles against patriarchy and capital.

Key texts

Key people and groups

  • Mujeres Libres – Anarcho-syndicalist women’s organisation within the Spanish CNT union in the 1930s, active in the Spanish Revolution.
  • GDDD – I gruppi di difesa della donna, largest of the women’s groups in the Italian resistance to fascism, numbering 70,000 at their height, who organised strikes and took part in armed struggle.
  • Mariarosa Dalla Costa – Marxist feminist famous for arguing that women’s unwaged labour is an essential part of capitalist reproduction, rather than merely an oppression imposed on women by men.
  • Silvia Federici – Italian Marxist feminist writer drawing the links between capitalism’s need for women’s unpaid labour and the subjugation of women under patriarchy.
  • Selma James – American feminist and libertarian socialist, widow of CLR James and founder of the International Wages for Housework Campaign.
  • Emma Goldman – Anarchist, feminist and birth control advocate, described as «one of the most dangerous women in America»

Other recommended texts

Women’s struggles

Other media

  • Union maids (video) – Three women union activists tell their fascinating stories of organising in 1930s America, recounting their conflicts with bosses, police as well as their struggles against racism and sexism.
  • Mothers strike (video) – A documentary that portrays the living conditions of the striking women in Walbrzych, Poland in 2010, their struggle against local authorities, conflicts with welfare institutions and their attempts at self-organizing.


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